Websites and concepts that I want to research further... whenever I have some spare time.

Power & Heat

  • Gasifier info: https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/Gasifier_Burner (take with grain of salt; these people think cars are necessary for civilization)
  • Solar cooking
  • can rocket stove that looks like a better design than what I've tried in the past. Site also has a good vertical axis wind turbine design, and suggests getting discarded alu sheet from offset-printing / lithography shops


  • Lamellar Roof - roof framing w/ cylindrical shape; built from short segments of (usually) dimensional lumber bolted together

Fabrication & Materials



  • tensegrity wheelchair on the tensegrity wiki
  • chair partial tensegrity
  • adjustable grip hitch is a useful knot! If making a loop of string/rope that you want to adjust, it can be turned around so it works better - not sure how to explain!

Pedal Power


  • 3mules - guy travels the west coast with his three mules, living outside!
  • $1300 spend on bike lanes in NYC = one quality-adjusted life year when averaged over all city residents.
  • car crashes are the #1 cause of death for children in the US - where "children" are people under 19. Car crashes account for 20% of child deaths, with everything firearm-related in second place at 15%.
  • "We recognize that efficiency is a function of vehicle weight as compared to its cargo weight - another form of the Golden Ratio. The principle is simple: If the cargo weighs more than the vehicle itself - as in a person riding a bicycle - then you are approaching true efficiency. The trick is to have a vehicle/cargo ratio of LESS THAN 1." - Bill Stites, designer of the Truck Trike


Bike Routes & Maps

  • komoot - apparently has been used by some suntrippers?

E-Bikes, esp. with solar





Fiber & Textiles

Weather Data